H1B Misunderstandings

I recently found an article on the web that clearly explains some of the H1B cap understandings for fresh US MBA graduates. I thought may be I should share this with you all as well – because the odds are that you are going to be confronted with these questions in the very near future….

Statement of Purpose in an MBA Application

So, what does a Statement of Purpose mean? While there is no thumb rule for what a proper statement of purpose should look like, there are definitely certain Key points which you don’t want to miss out on when writing your SOP.  I’ll share what I have often seen in some great Statements of Purpose…

Interviewed By Accepted

Accepted.com reached out and wanted to interview me because they thought my blog was interesting. Here’s the full interview if you’re interested.

The Day of the GMAT! Part-1

Welcome to my new Post here. This one is about the day I took the GMAT, So..this is what happened.!! 16thMay2011 7:00 A.M and my phone shouted WAKE UP!!!!  For me, I was already up, (yeah,out of anxiety.. :)) but was waiting for the Phone to yell…anyways,  sprang up..and fumbled for the OG. All through…

The days before the final lap!

14th March 2011 ..I scheduled the GMAT All day, I thought  if I was ready for the GMAT…Though I sneaked time out for my regular dose of CRs and RCs and did fairly well but I was still thinking, Was I ready?  Was this the right time?  One moment , I thought I would make…