Statement of Purpose in an MBA Application

So, what does a Statement of Purpose mean? While there is no thumb rule for what a proper statement of purpose should look like, there are definitely certain Key points which you don’t want to miss out on when writing your SOP.  I’ll share what I have often seen in some great Statements of Purpose and anything on these lines constitute a pretty decent SOP. Ask yourself the following questions  (in no particular order) as you write yours and you should be good.

Why on earth do you want to pursue an MBA?
Now, that’s a millon dollar question. You need to ask yourself a lot of things before answering that. What personal and professional experiences have molded you to become what you are today, and more importantly how do all your experiences culminate into an MBA? You need to be aware of what choices you made that got you here and you need to reflect on choices are you going to make from here. Of course everything that you think has to seamlessly fit into your MBA plans.

Ok, but Why Now?
That’s  a tricky question, but if you have been thorough with the first question above you probably know this by now. It could be anything, your short term goals,  your long term goals and the ‘time’ you are left with  to realize them. Another reason could be your hopelessness with the current career path, which could be a wrong choice or simply a long wait before you can succeed. A still another reason for now would be your readiness for an MBA and the career choices you want to make at this point.

Age is another vital factor, and believe it or not, it is a VALID reason too, you are right in thinking that you want to be CEO by 45, and to start with business management education is a must!

Great! so why this school?
Write about the school’s USP. Write about how you connect to that USP, and just how much more interesting your life would become because of , say,  the diversity at this school. Talk about the alumni networks, and how you look to leverage them.  Talk to current students and mention their role in your decision to apply. You get the drift right?

Of all the SOPs that I have seen and read , these are the most important three questions that need to be addressed.Most SOPs are 500-1200 words  and if you address all these issues properly and at candidly know that you have done a great job!

Signing off now, let me know what you think of an ideal SOP.


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  4. Abhishek says:

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    The 3 things your Statement of Purpose should absolutely have


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