The days before the final lap!

14th March 2011 ..I scheduled the GMAT
All day, I thought  if I was ready for the GMAT…Though I sneaked time out for my regular dose of CRs and RCs and did fairly well but I was still thinking, Was I ready?  Was this the right time?  One moment , I thought I would make it , but the next one took me down. It was a period of deep introspection, and I had my lunch alone at office unlike other days, when I make it a point to take my team with me.  I must admit at this point that it was the first day in my GMAT preparations when I felt some nerves. Taking the GMAT isn’t exactly light on pocket either, it costs $250, and I  wanted to get it right the first time! I remember thinking about everything that can be, with all the reasoning i could muster, but at End of Day while getting back home, I had no answers.

I got back home, had my dinner and did not study a wink.  I just pulled my laptop and went to MBA.COM  and lingered around for how to schedule and stuff. 11:45 P.M and I was still wondering,until I stopped thinking.  Next moment, I realized that I had scheduled my GMAT on 16th March. And that was 2 days away!

15th March …1 day to go!!!
Woke up, and the first thing I wanted to do was skip office. I called and let my office guys know about it right away,  watched TV until 4 P.M and then decided to take a test. GMAT Prep 2nd Test, that I had saved for a day like today.  I took the 2nd test and felt better, ….. scored 740. This was the first time I took AWA too ! (For the record, please DO NOT underestimate AWA, take the FULL mocks with AWAs from DAY 1 , not just the Quants & Verbal sections )

Next I called up a friend to decide which programs to send scores to. Here are my 5 programs.
Harvard University – Harvard Business School
London Business School
National University of Singapore
University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School

You could say, I was ambitious about my score, but I wasn’t going to take a test without being hopeful of scoring well. Hence the list. Now that I had everything sorted out, I had a look at where my center was located and  things I was supposed to carry,
(For Indians, its your passport/DL as an ID and your appointment letter).

All done! I went off to bed earlier than usual, cz the big day was almost here. But frankly, I found everything but sleep. Scores of questions hitting my anxious head, what if its a 600? What is my Plan B if I don’t do well? And the most important question of it all…Was it a good decision to schedule my GMAT at such short notice? All but sleep. I watched TV for a while, configured my phone for a wake up call at test was as 11:30 ..

Still with me? Find out what happened on the 16th in my next post.
God Bless.


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