The Day of the GMAT! Part-1

Welcome to my new Post here. This one is about the day I took the GMAT, So..this is what happened.!!


7:00 A.M and my phone shouted WAKE UP!!!!  For me, I was already up, (yeah,out of anxiety.. :)) but was waiting for the Phone to yell…anyways,  sprang up..and fumbled for the OG. All through my GMAT preps , I had just taken the AWA once(..and that was bad!! DON’T DO THAT !! ) Obviously, I had my tasks cut out…  read and re-read how to answer the AWAs correctly. Flipped opened the page from OG containing the answer with an AWA of 6 and walked, and that was it.

It was the test day..and I had to be at my best right?  So, I took my time to unwind, had a light breakfast..took an unusually long shower..and prepared my documents to be carried to  the test center. It decided to take some chocolates in my bag to the test center , to pop them in between breaks so that I didnot feel hungry. After all, Its as much a test of your endurance for almost 4 hours as it is a test of your business aptitude. 🙂

At 10:50 A.M I reached my test center, which wasnt too far off from my place. I met a very friendly guy at the reception, and this guy clicked my pics for the ID, and told me all the rules he knew,apart from handing me the booklet and the marker., and then checking my documents (in that order 🙂 ) Here’s what he said..
1.He gave me a laminated booklet and a marker. this is what they look like..

2. There will be 2 breaks of 8 mins each…1 after the AWAs and 1 after the Quants section..These breaks are optional. (I recommend you take them!!)
3. That’s all 🙂

And he put my bag and documents into a locker and then sent me into a room with 3 computers..and pointed towards one of them. So for the next 4 hours..that computer became my design to something I would blog (..and hopefully do much more than just blog) about later.

In my next what happened during those 4 hours at the test center…




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