3 Waitlists and an Admit!

I am back!! with a lot of news and action that has happened since I last updated my blog. This post will draw an outline about what has happened in the last couple of months.

So, Here is the news. As things stand today, I have an ADMIT from the John.M.Olin School of Business, Washington University, (I applied in Round 2 and I will update you guys with details of my interview in a post that’ll follow soon).

I have been wait listed at
  • S.C.Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
  • Boston University School of Management
  • McCombs School of Business UT Austin.
In retrospect, I guess I had made stronger applications. I am super excited to join WashU, given its great rankings and the international loan without a US co-signer. That part is pretty awesome. I have paid the first fees deposit and if I do not get off the wait list from Johnson, WashU it is gonna be!!
In my next post, I will probably tell you about my interview at the John.M.Olin Business School at their sprawling Campus.

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