Things crowding my mind..

Filling out  MBA applications aren’t exactly easy.

For all of you who are planning to apply or are working on them, let me tell you something.

IMO making B School application is a bigger deal than the  GMAT itself. Take essays as an example,   You learn more about yourself making these applications than you would do in you entire life.  This is probably one of the very few times that I have reflected on my life. It gets frustrating sometimes, thinking only if I were a little better of myself. You look at your profile and wonder, only if you went to the top undergrad colleges that everybody drools about and had a little more grades than you do.

Questions like “Will I get an interview invite?“, “Will I make it to a top school this year?”  “what about scholarships?” will crowd your mind as you work on those applications. And then you will also spend money on each application that you make. Its like an optimization problem such as, “how do I  maximize admits under budgetary constraints?”

But Here’s the thing. This is what everybody is thinking.  so , Just Keep working, think less, do more. Take a break and Indulge in an ice cream . Go for that 3-miler.  Give it your best shot.  Show the schools what you are, and what you could be.

Enjoy the introspection! We all need it at some point.



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