Writing an essay after 15 years..

I am  BACK. So, as the title suggests I wrote an essay after a  loooong time. For the Indian School of Business. I wonder if its any good, but believe me it was one hell of an effort.

Here’s the question.
1.Please detail, your two most significant achievements. These could be either professional or personal but relevant to your application to the ISB. (300 words max)

Seriously, I was pretty blank on what to write. I mean I can write about other things in the world for an entire day, or may be two days on the trot. But writing about oneself is something that I didn’t do at all. To share some inside stuff, MBA apps  really need some introspection.

So I put my introspective shoes and  went back in time. About what I did, how I did what I did, and Why I did what I did.

The question said achievements, but those which were
b. RELEVANT to my application @ ISB.
That was tricky, cz you might have a lot of achievements to boast of, but for such questions you need to pick the very significant ones, significant to you and the ones you think would be to them as well .

I took a good four hours to feel at ease with what I wrote, but I am not perfectly comfortable yet. I need some 20 people to tell me its very GOOD, or bad. I don’t intend to settle down for something in the middle obviously.

So that was it from me, will keep all updated, until then wish u all the best in whateva you are doing, preparing for the GMAT, essaying etc.




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