The GMAT: More than just a test

The GMAT is just a part of the entire application process, Once over, what really gets you into a business school is your Profile, Essays, GPAs etc.

Well, That’s true all the way , but for me, the GMAT turned out to be more than just a business aptitude test. It was an experience of a kind. Preparing for the Test tested me to the core, and on the way took me back to myself. I had lost all touch with studies for quite some time, but the desire to make it to the next level propelled me towards the GMAT.

There were a lot of take-aways enroute the test. Coming back everyday from office, tired and with drooping shoulders, I hated the fact that I had to study or take a mock test (Believe me it’s tough). But then, after a long time I really pushed myself to achieve something. I knew I could get a good score if I maintained a tempo, which basically means Study Everyday!

I was never a bad student, but never a brilliant one either. I did not love Quants, but never hated it either. However, the Quants section made a lot of difference to how I approached life in particular post the GMAT. When I started, I was not all that accurate, anxiety consistently killed my poise, and I wasn’t doing well with the Quants score, as well as I would have liked to. I started well for the first 15 questions but then towards the end, my concentration went for a spin and I missed out on easiest of questions.!

The GMAT has turned it around for me now. I realized loopholes into my approach, and plugged the holes on my way to the D day. Although I got a 48 on the real GMAT, I think I  have changed as an individual, a lot more analytical, a lot more practical.

For non-native speakers, The Verbal part is a revelation. For most of us, English is what we HEAR, and there is nothing called Grammar. The Verbal thing taught (at least made me notice, sometimes for the first time!)  what Real English is all about. The Verbal stuff let me know what was right and what was wrong, the RCs practised in hindsight told some really interesting and mostly untold Stories, and the Critical Reasonings were power food to the brain.

Eventually,  I scored 710. I know it’s not the greatest of scores in the GMAT, but again, it is not bad either. More than the score, I enjoyed the process thoroughly. Sometimes, I would pin it against the wall, at other times,  the Mocks would make a mockery of my performance…..but believe me this is one reason you want to be mocked for! 🙂


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