The Day of the GMAT… How I got a 710.

Hi everyone, forgive me for posting this late…but i was really caught up with office stuff and other engagements. So my apologies. In continuation to my last post’s what happened in those 4 hours at the test center.

I moved on to the computer earmarked for me, remembering every little thing that I learned about the AWAs. After some instruction screens that came over, the first Analysis of an Argument occurred..and I read the question. Believe me or not, I did not do what to do! I mean I knew here was a question I had to answer in 30 mins, but hey, my mind went blank ! Thats just what happens when you under estimate the AWAs and don’t practice them enough. So, mine basically was a Bad start. However, I recollected myself and started writing something. So that went off.

Next, I moved on to the Analysis of an Issue section,..and somehow I had always considered as easier than the Argument thing. BIG MISKAKE!
This question was even trickier and a correct analysis escaped me. Again, losing 10 odd mins after having read the question thrice, I made some attempt to finish this thing up.

A break was what I badly needed after the AWA fiasco…and I took it. For the next 8 mins I relaxed and had a chocolate i carried to the test center. It lifted my drowning spirits and importantly so..since there was the next part of the test coming over…something I had prepared for thoroughly.

So I started..and the Quants section flashed on to the screen. I went into it from the word go. Towards the end of the question pool i got some really really tough ones…and I guess I got them wrong, as I would later learn . However I found the momentum going my way..and hence decided to skip the break and go over to the next section Verbal!

For the Verbal part everything was going well, atleast that;’s what it seemed to be. But again towards the end of the Verbal Question pool, and with 4 mins remaining I get this big philosophical RC. I was heartbroken! However, I went ahead with this extremely tough RC..Read it super fast and answered even faster…and I think I did an extremely bad job of it. And guess what my test was over.!!

Again a lot of instruction/informative screens came up..and i skipped them all along… My heart was pounding against my i prayed to the heavens for a 700+ thing. And I couldn’t believe it. IT was a 710!!!

After having a not so good test..I got a 710. But I had worked hard for probably it was due to that work put in..However, I was done with the GMAT. Although I would be lying if I said I did not think about re-taking it..but then some good research gave me the guiding light. My Score of 710 would not keep me out of any college..what could however was my Indian IT Male profile..and that I needed to work on it and write the right kinda essays to get into the top programs…

Well..That was how GMAT treated me..and now its apps time.. as i count my blessings and spin stories about who I am.!!  So see you guys around..take care and




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  1. MBA ROADIE says:

    Congrats for your GMAT score. It's indeed a terrific score for any top business school provided you have rock solid essays. Wish you all the best…!!


  2. Abhishek says:

    Thanks Bro. 🙂


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