How I made it to the 700+ club! .

So lets start with why I thought about the GMAT in the first place.  3+ years into my job, and I was thinking about the next level. I had my share of accomplishments at work..things are still bright at office. I was the key member of a 3 member team which turned a critical project in deep crisis to a wonderful success.  One year into my first job, I  was put into a leadership role right away, as the Technology Lead for this project in deep trouble. The next two years passed amidst successes and Failures and most of all a lot of learning. So by early January this year, I  knew that I was ready to assume the next level of responsibility. And that’s when the GMAT crossed my mind.

What did I Study
So, what does one start with? A couple of my friends did take the GMAT and applied to some US schools. Several interactions with them and a lot of internet  information about this test sealed the deal. Yeah, I was taking the GMAT… and the next set of questions came up! How? When? (Yeah…Life’s full of questions) .I was out of sync with Quants for quite sometime, but was confident I could return to winning ways. About the Verbal Part, I knew I had a lot to unlearn and learn. So Sometime in mid January, I took my first GMAT PREP  test to see where I stood (another question  🙂 ).   …..Scored 660 , So the first question was answered here..I started at 660.
Next thing,  I found all the FREE resources I could lay my hands on…  These are some of my
early (Mid January- Mid Feb) prep materials .
Free tests from
The Manhattan Sentence Correction Book ( for me…this is the best in business)

TIME Maths Handbook,
and the Bible -OG 12th Edition..which of course isn’t free  🙂  and not cheap either 😦 .

So, by mid February, I was getting back in Sync with Quants, and worked on a whole lot of Verbal stuff.  I found myself fairly comfortable with Reading Comprehension, but was short on skills dealing with Sentence Correction. Critical Reasoning came out as my strength..and I decided to make it count for me. Everyday I would go to office and steal time out for 30 CRs (30 mins) and  25 SCs (15 -17 mins.).

By late Feb, I was bucking up at Sentence Corrections, and was consistent with Critical Reasoning. Quants was never a problem really. I got 50s  in the Quants section in most prep tests…(..though I didnot get a 50 on the real GMAT   😦 )

When Did I Study
Every day I would come back at office all tired and with burning eyes , after hours of staring at the computer screen at office. It would mostly be 9 PM when I would come and believe me it wasn’t a great time  to think  about opening a book. But you know, sometimes you just have to slog it out, get that extra bit out for a greater purpose in life. And GMAT was definitely that purpose for me. So, at 10:30 PM, I would gather all the courage to take a  mock test (which ended at around 1AM ). I was dead by the time these tests ended, but in hindsight, this strategy did a lot of good to me. I was testing when I wasn’t really at my best,  and was scoring around 680s to 730s  in most mocks. So, somewhere I knew I would do better if I tested under ideal conditions.  Moreover, I did not really have a choice with my study schedules, my office would keep me that engaged.  Weekends were of course mine. And I made the most of them.

So, It was early March, and I was still there studying , testing and studying even more. I did not have a clue about when to take the GMAT. Two full months after starting my GMAT journey and I was still without a GMAT test date!!. Moreover, all this studying killed my social life, and I wanted this to end, but the ending had to be really really happy. So I studied harder until I began to get impatient with it. I knew I needed to focus on a specific date now, to put a logical end to all this hard work that I had put in.

on the 14th March 2011 (Monday), I decided to finally schedule my GMAT. And I scheduled it for 16th March 2011 (Wednesday).

Read what happened on the 14th 15th and the 16th March  in my next post. Coming soon.!!

God Bless you all.


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