The Indian IT Male

The night was unusually chilling for Manipal, and we were all nervous. For me, this was the night I was waiting for. I dreamt of belonging to this company for all these years and why not? It was (and still is) India’s best Software Consultancy, and marked India’s arrival on the big stage.  And I most definitely wanted to be a part of India’s new found recognition in the services sector. As we all waited for the campus interview’s results and however much nervous we all were, I knew I would make it.  And as you might have guessed it by now, I did make it to this company.
And Boy wasn’t I happy! The next two years passed by, amongst Codes, Clients and Team Mates and Meets. I was developing and designing applications for Banking Behemoths and they were all so happy about my work and everything that was Indian IT. I was having a dream run, enjoying my work, and the accolades of assignments well done. Somewhere in my third year with this company, after a couple of leadership stints with small teams, I decided to prepare for the next level – An MBA.  I am totally thrilled by IT and its business possibilities, and having seen the way IT works; my next halt needed to be an MBA to make a business out of IT.  I turned to the GMAT, and amidst ever increasing responsibilities at office, scored a decent 710. And somewhere, in the process of speaking to peers and reading through GMAT forums, I learnt that I now belonged to a not-so-cool Category of B School Aspirants –The Indian IT Males.

So here I am, with a good GMAT, good Acads, and a good IT background looking for a GREAT College. But in the global MBA speak; I am just another Indian IT Guy seeking an admission.

But hey, I don’t feel like one just now. Anyone who has done his stuff seriously and passionately does not need to worry about categories and classes. So all my ‘Indian IT Male’ friends, lets apply to colleges that value us and our future aspirations. The task at hand is clear; we find symbiotic schools, where both we and the school value each other and end up winning.

The 2012 admissions season has begun, (the HBS essays are already out and am still not sure if I am applying to HBS -however much I want to).  Let us think a little more on that. We are not just IT Males; we are IT Engineers, arguably amongst the best in the world.


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